#FeelLikeYou with Hospital Spoils.

We all know how good it feels to be on the receiving end of a hug; safe in the arms of someone we trust. A simple hug soothes in a way that little else can.

Touch can be a profoundly comforting experience. The right touch can calm intense feelings of stress, actively lowering blood pressure and reducing cortisol (the stress hormone). It makes us feel more connected, calmer and understood.

Touch releases oxytocin – commonly known as ‘the love hormone’ – which stimulates dopamine and serotonin, essentially giving you the warm fuzzies, while simultaneously reducing anxiety. It also reduces cardiovascular stress and gives your immune system a boost. All of these are obvious benefits to those who are ailing.

At Hospital Spoils, we know all about the healing power of touch. That’s why we offer our range of spa treatments to hospital patients. Being in hospital, especially over extended periods of time, can be isolating, depressing and painful. These unfamiliar, sterile environments can foster feelings of unease and stress. In this space, it’s all too easy to neglect simple grooming and self-care habits which come naturally at home. When recovery takes center stage, it’s difficult to truly feel like you.

We use the healing power of touch to make those who aren’t feeling well feel better. Our offering includes a range of different treatments that focus primarily on pampering touch. Through massages, manicures, and hair washes, we ensure that those who are isolated, stressed, and starved of touch get back to a sense of wellbeing, allowing them to feel like themselves again.

Do you know anyone who could benefit from the healing power of touch? Consider gifting them a Hospital Spoils treatment.