Being in hospital is never easy. The longer the recovery time, the harder it is to look your best. Hospital Spoils is dedicated to making patients look good and feel better during their hospital stay.

Dr Claire Mitchell, a specialist General Surgeon started Hospital Spoils, a specialist mobile spa service, after discovering through first-hand experience with her patients that they felt better about themselves and enjoyed an enhanced recovery after being pampered.

Hospital Spoils is a specialist mobile spa service offering a range of in-hospital beauty treatments to patients and visitors.

Our staff are medically trained by Dr Claire Mitchell herself, undergoing an intensive training course and examination process.

Special attention is paid to sterility and infection control. Each therapist is fully prepared to deal with certain medical conditions and to handle any possible emergencies that could occur.

If you have a friend in hospital, why not give something that is memorable and shows that you care? Flowers and confectionary are ordinary, but an in-hospital pamper will really make your friend feel special. Spoil yourself too and join them for a pamper while you are visiting, or waiting for a loved one in the operating room.

Available to patients, visitors, doctors, nurses and admin staff at all hospitals and clinics in the north of Johannesburg and surrounding areas. If the sister in charge is happy, we will be there to spoil you.

We will even pamper you in the luxury of your own home.

What makes us different?

Medically Trained

Helping people feel better is what we love to do. The healing power of touch not only boosts well-being and relaxation, but also helps alleviate the boredom of being bedridden for long periods of time and aids recovery.

Our therapists are personally trained by Dr Mitchell to be extra vigilant regarding issues like sterility and infection control. All our equipment is safe to use and properly sterilised to ensure the patients safety at all times. Our therapists know how to handle the sickly or elderly in pain. Each therapist is prepared to deal with certain medical conditions. They are accustomed to intravenous drips and sickly patients with limited mobility. They are fully trained to handle any possible emergencies that could occur. In addition, medical supervision and contact with a doctor on call is provided at all times to ensure that every treatment given is safe and beneficial to the patient receiving it.

World Class Products

Our products are proven to be the best and safest in the market. The Gelpolish – Gelosophy by Astonishing is imported from Holland and is the creation of nine times World Champion Nail Technician, David Fowler.

Gelosophy is the only non-solvent UV Gelpolish in the world. Solvent free not only means you get consistent, reliable colour with no swirling and no separation of colour pigments, but more importantly it is safe to use on people who are immune compromised, on strong medication or even prone to allergies.

Our normal nail polish range includes CND Vinylux, which gives your nails a Gel-like shine with the quick and easy removal of a regular polish.

First-ever professional long-wear polish with a unique Caring Complex has a breathable coating infused with Keratin, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E.

No lamp is needed… it cures with natural light resulting in a formula that thickens less over time with a higher quality, greater precision and better coverage.

The massage oil used in our treatments is light, high in Vitamin E and anti-oxidants which are healing and nourishing for the skin.

Our shampoo products gently cleanse the hair leaving it feeling soft and manageable, whilst our rinse out conditioner deeply nourishes, replenishes moisture and protects the hair.

All our products help to treat and repair the hair leaving it healthy and beautiful.

Our people


To continue national expansion and maintain a leading role in medically trained mobile spa treatments that aid in the recovery process.


Hospital Spoils is a mobile spa with medically trained therapists offering bedside pampering to those in hospital or at home, servicing hospitals, clinics, retirement and private homes giving them the means to look and feel better.

Dr Claire Mitchell
Dr Claire Mitchell Specialist General Surgeon and CEO
Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery MBChB (UCT).
Fellow of South African College of Surgeons.
Diploma in Obstetrics & Gynaecology.

Dr Claire Mitchell is a registered Specialist General Surgeon with a private practice in Rosebank, Johannesburg. She has extensive local and international experience in general surgical and other medical conditions, and has always worked hard to keep on top of her game. Dr Mitchell will stop at nothing to provide patients with the best possible care as she believes that “when it comes to health, there are no compromises.”

Dr Mitchell is a firm supporter of ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) and its proven benefits. She has adapted Hospital Spoils to further augment the positive energy needed for optimal physical and emotional recovery after sickness or injury.

Sarah Saffy
Sarah SaffyManaging Director

Sarah qualified with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Marketing Communications. She has a range of experience and has grown her career in the marketing, advertising, travel, exhibitions and events industries. She has won numerous awards for her work and has played key roles in teams from well-known companies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, Thebe Exhibitions & Projects Group, Net#work BBDO and Dragonfly Africa.

Sarah manages Hospital Spoils with a spirit of excellency and consistently strives to achieve the best service at all times. Sarah loves working with people and helping them to feel better, for her it’s not just about the pampering, but also about the healing power that touch and love brings to a person in need.

Kurisani Malongete
Kurisani Malongete Personal Assistant

Kurisani has a background in admin and is a qualified make-up artist, employed by MAC for 4 years, as well as a part time
photographer. She is a pleasant individual with a can do attitude. She is always willing to go the extra mile with both her colleagues and clients and is an integral part of our Hospital Spoils team.

Haniefa Norris
Haniefa NorrisGeneral Manager and Client Care

Haniefa is an international accredited Beauty Therapist with more than 15 years experience within the Beauty Industry. She has been involved in various areas, management, training, recruitment, and client care to name a few.

She has a passion for what she does, and is highly motivated and will ensure that our team serves you with respect, empathy and dignity.

Our Therapists

Treat yourself or a loved one.

Feel better and look good

We also treat:

• New Mom’s – in hospital or @ home
• Post op recovery – in hospital or @ home
• Those who are house bound
• Elderly and unwell